Creating a Newsletter

Newsletter, Pt 2:

  Many are overwhelmed by the idea of creating a newsletter. It’s easier than you think. First, plan on doing just one issue per month. Then come up with two to four areas of content to offer, these stay the same  in each issue. These might be; tips, FAQ, How-To, intro to…, an Ask-the-Expert area, even a special of the month.

 Once you have organized the topics that will be in each of the newsletters jot down sample subject titles for each. What are the top 10 things you could write about under each? Now that you have a guideline to go by, take a few hours and just rough out a few sentences for each. Next weekend, polish as many as you can, it isn’t rocket science, just speak as if you were chatting with a client. Now, if you have done the above, you should have plenty of copy to fill 6-12 newsletters.

Now, you need a good emarketing service to help you with design templates,  list management, and email blasts. Trust me, it is much easier using a service than trying to do it alone. You’ll be surprised at the results, it’s actually kind of fun.

EarthWell offers newsletter and emarketing services to its members along with basic consultation on how to get started.