EarthWell Benefits List

EarthWell Benefits are added to regularly, we try for monthly. Please check back to view the new ones as they become available. Questions? Email us and we will get right back to you.


Discount Vacation Condo Rentals
Low as $199 per week!

We have developed a relationship with a discount condo broker who is providing our members with access to 1,000's and 1,000's of discount vacation condo rentals, as low as $199 per week! The majority of these are in beautiful resports, many brand new, and represent excess inventory. This inventory can ONLY be sold on the secondary market through groups like EarthWell. This is an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the comfort of resort condo vacations without spending the regular rate of $100-$400 per night.

Give it a trial run - Browse Condos - then Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Power Listings - Directory Submission & Management
FREE - Set up and 1 Year Program Management - ($150 Value)

Directory Listings are one of your best bets for gaining business through the Internet. But, with literally dozens and dozens of them, which ones to choose? How to keep them up to date? Who has the time?

ProClass Web Design provides EarthWell members with their Directory Submission service enabling your business to be listed accurately and promoted on a growing network of over 40 popular directories.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Social Media Marketing Co-Op

EarthWell creates a number of social media marketing campaigns each year. These vary in type but the purpose is always the same, grow the number of fans, followers, and emails. If you would like to grow your numbers you should talk with us about partnering on one or more campaigns. Whether you are contributing a prize, product or service or joining as a marketing channel, we can help.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Marketing & Website eTips

EarthWell has a number of marketing and website experts who contribute their knowledge, in the form of on-topic tips, to help our members improve their day to day business. These will often be included in the member newsletter but can also be found in the Articles section of the website. These are added to regularly so check back often.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Business eTips

Much like the Marketing and Website tips, Business Tips are produced by our crew of business experts and can cover a range of topics. You never know what will be coming down the pipe but it is always helpful to someone.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Guerilla (No Money) Marketing
Free One Hour Consult - $100 value

No Money Marketing is a marketing company that shows business people 15 ways to increase sales without spending money on advertising.
Owner, Bill Cherry has 25 years of experience in all areas of traditional marketing and e-commerce. He has been a Marketing Director for three companies and owned several businesses. he also owns five successful Internet businesses, is an expert in all broadcast and print advertising as well as printing.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Article Publication Service
Save $125

One of the best ways to develop links into your website is by submitting articles into the dozens of article banks available on the internet. While a valuable undertaking, this process is also time consuming. Let our staff handle this for you. We will arrange for submission of your article to 50 article banks for 1/2 the regular fee of $250. You pay just $125 and can spend your valuable time on other things.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


EarthWell Festival Directory Advertising
Save $50

The EarthWell festival Directory is distributed each year at the event directly into the hands of attendees. This publication is so chock full of valuable information that most attendees take it home with them as a resource. Now you can advertisie in the festival directory and save $50 off any add size. This is a great opportunity to reach a highly targeted and motivated audience.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Email List Builder
Save $50 + grow your list

This wonderful program leverages the space on your website to help you build your email list across an ever growing platform of complementary websites. Its easy, its cost effective, its smart.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


EarthWell Festival Coupon Inserts
Save $50

How would you like your special offer delivered right into the hands of a targeted, attentive, appreciative audience of thousands? You can have a coupon in the festival coupon book or have a stand-alone piece that really calls attention. Either way, you save $50 off the cost... Its just that easy.

:Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Advertising Discounts

At EarthWell we have great relationships with a number of advertising media. And, these media like our members and want to encourage you to try them out. Give us a call to discuss what opportunities and savings are currently available.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Wholesale Vacation Condos
average cost - only $450/week !!

Serious savings await you. Speaking of serious, when was the last time you took a great vacation? One of the downfalls of being a business owner is that we often get caught up in a trap of not taking off time, usualloy because we think we can't afford it. Well, what if you could enjoy the fun and convenience of a vacation condo, for a whole week, and pay a fraction of the cost the rest of the public pays? For years our partner company, ProTrav, has been arranging for people to utilize unsed timeshare condos and doing it for an average price of $450...per week. These are the same condos that would cost you $1500-$3000 on the open market. This is serious fun and serious savings.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Meet & Greet Events

Periodically throughout the year EarthWell arranges for a meet & greet event where the public can eet and mingle with our business members. This is an excellent opportunity to not only get some face time with potential new clients but to network with other EarthWell members as well.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Member Newsletter

Tips on running a successful business, news about events, new member benefit announcements, articles of interest, specials from other member businesses....and much more. Once a month the best of the best gets delivered to your inbox. Interestly, our member newsletter has an open rate that is among the top 5% of all newsletters.....check it out.

Contact Member Services to learn more about accessing this benefit.


Green Printing -
$40 Off 1st order

This is one of our favorite companies. We found them a few years ago and have been happily doing business with them ever since. They are 100% wind powered, use all the right dyes and papers, have extraordinary customer service and simply know how to take care of business. Check out their Sustainability page and then give them a try. Members - request code to claim your $40.


Newsletter Coupons
Free introductory offer

Some of the best clients you could have are the exhibitors and attendees of the EarthWell Festival. Our newsletters go out to both EarthWell members as well as Subscribers, people who support the ideals of the EarthWell community. Submit a coupon for your special service, discount offer, new product, or....whatever you would like to get out to this highly targeted group. Simply let us know what the offer is and the particulars and we will get it posted on one or both newsletters, Members and Subscribers, just let us know....give it a try, the Intro package is Free of charge.


EarthWell General Store
Free Listing

The General Store is an online shopping area specifically for EarthWell Members to post their products in. If you have a product, such as a: book, CD, electric lawnmower, solar charger, crystal pendulum, etc and think it would be a good product for online sales please submit your idea for consideration. Submit product here.


Video Profiles of Your Business
Low as $149 !

EarthWell worked for a year to develop a video profiling package that would deliver top quality while still being affordable to members. Those who took advantage of this service during one of the festival opportunities know how worthwhile this service is. We compared similar services at between $500 - $1000 !

Video can help with marketing, boost search engine rankings, attract new clients, and certainly gives your business that professional touch. Try it now!


Social Media Consulting & Management
Save 15% - 20%

Facebook - YouTube - LinkedIn - Twitter - QR Codes

How do you make sense of it all? More so, how do you put it to work for your business?

Face It Social Media Marketing has joined with EarthWell to provide a great set of services to our members in search of more business. Face It can do trainings & workshops for your business or several businesses at a time. They also offer one on one training and consulting tailor made for your needs. And, if you just want someone to handle it all for you they offer full Social Media Management packages as well.

EarthWell members save 15% - 20% on these services, just ask!


Exhibitor Discounts
Save up to $300

We all know that events such as festival, expos, fairs and such can be a great way to build business, but they can be expensive too. Starting with our signature event, the EarthWell Festival, we save our members money on the registration and other costs involved with participating at a selection of great events.

Have a favorite? Start saving money and growing your business, Ask us.


Custom Logos
Save $100's

Need a new logo? Want top quality but don't want to spend a lot? A custom logo usually costs upwards of $1000. However, we have arranged for you to have access to 1000's of professional designs, all of which can be customized for your needs. Change the wording, swap out colors, rearrange to components....for a fraction of the cost.

This is the way to go and we have used this service for several of our companies since coming across it. Try it now!


Appointment Scheduler
30 Day Free Trial

Do you set appointments? This is an excellent program that will not only make your life easier but will probably pay for itself in a very short period of time. Automatically accept and schedule appointments anytime, even while you sleep! Loads of great features make this a favorite of ours for any small business that offers appointments. Try it now!


Website Design & Development
Save $100

85% of people will visit your website before deciding to work with you. What does your website say about you? This critical piece of the business puzzle is often expensive and confusing for small business owners. Let our experts show you how to have an exceptional website for a lot less than you might expect. Prices from $499 ...Learn more


Virtual Phone System
Free Trial

If a website is your client’s first impression of you then your phone system is a strong second. With our virtual phone systems you avoid dropped calls, static filled lines, messy voice mail and confusing navigation. Best of all, no more busy signals.  Don’t lose a client over a poor phone system. The systems we recommend can have you sounding professional in no time, for pennies a day. ..Learn More


Analytics installed & Monthly Reports
FREE *($100 value)

Have you ever wondered where visitors to your website come from? What page do the land on first? What page is the last one they see before leaving? How long do they stay on your site? What pages do they look at? How did that ad campaign you ran last month alter your website traffic? All this and more is available to you with website analytics.
(*Free with new site - Save $25 with existing site hook up)
Learn More


Business Directory
FREE ($150 value)

The Business Directory contains listings of earth friendly and wellness oriented businesses. Submit a profile and gain extra exposure for your business. Join Now


Speakers Bureau

Have a desire to speak on a green or wellness topic? The Speakers Bureau is the place to start. We are developing speaking opportunities for those interested in sharing their message. Schools, business luncheons, conferences, festivals and more. Get listed here and we will keep you notified as opportunities become available. ....Learn more


eMarketing - Newsletter & Email program
60 Day Free Trial

This is the program we use and recommend for building and maintaining email lists, sending email announcements and creating and managing newsletters. It also provides several other services for those of you eager to build your marketing beyond the basics. Our familiarity with this program also allows us to assist you if you need some help along the way. ...Learn more


SimpleShare™ Web Hosting (1 year)
$25.00 ( save $50!)

REG: $75/yr: SimpleShare hosting plans are perfect for most small websites that require a minimum of upkeep. Unless you are updating content every few days or running cron jobs or specialty scripts, SimpleShare is probably a great choice. ...Learn more


Standard Web Hosting

This is the hosting package for those needing full access and loads of tools. When deciding on hosting the two big things to consider are Support and Up-Time. This service will deliver both of those and leave you smiling....Learn more


SEO Analysis
FREE - a $75 value

Before you spend any money on advertising, web rebuilds, or costly consulting we suggest that you obtain a search engine optimization analysis. Much like a consultation with a doctor, attorney, or other professional, an SEO analysis can give you the information and perspective needed to make the best possible decisions going forward.
(Limit of one Analysis or Review per member)...
Learn more


Website Review
FREE - a $75 value

Much like a home inspection, a website review is a perfect first step for those looking for a website improvement. Our experts will take your site through a 10 step process that looks at what areas of website improvement are really needed.
(Limit of one Analysis or Review per member)...
Learn more


Consulting (per hour)
Initial Consult FREE - reg. $75.00/hr

At some point everybody in business needs someone to talk to, share ideas with, get answers from and sometimes just provide a new perspective.

Internet    •       General Business    •      Marketing    •    Strategizing     •   Product Development     •        SEM / SEO          

We have a growing list of experienced professionals waiting to offer feedback, provide advice, or simply listen, if that is what you need. Chances are we have been where you are in some form or another at some point over the years. Lets talk.
(first 30 minutes free, after that discount rates apply. Rates vary-inquire) Inquire