EarthWell Team:



Chris Bachman - Director

The visionary, the driving force, the pit bull, the dreamer, hopeless romantic and man of mystery. A serial entrepreneur, Chris is always two steps ahead and a quarter turn to the left, you never know where he is headed next, but it's always interesting. One of his latest projects is an adjustable step system for dogs! He is also the owner of ProClass Web Design a Park City based web design firm specializing in small business websites for entrepreneurs.

E-Mail: Chris [at] EarthWell [dot] org



Carina - Advisory

Holistic Healer, steady voice of rationale, Carina is the voice in our ear that helps keep us on course. She is especially helpful when we are evaluating new adventures. Carina has a world renowned Healing Arts practice,

Carina began her journey as a holistic healer after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1998. After years of taking various medications in an effort to slow the progression of the disease, the side effects became debilitating and she made the decision to discontinue most of her medications, took control of her body and health and embarked on a journey of self-healing. The methods of healing she employs today are reflective of her personal experiences and her vastly improved health. Throughout her journey, she has been greatly appreciative of those she could help through her healing work. Carina has studied with The Four Winds Society, Reiki Master/Teacher Ruby Parker and ThetaHealing Certified DNA Practitioners and instructors Alice Christensen and Bobbi Henry, among others.

E-Mail: Carina [at] EarthWell [dot] org




Gina Van Luven - Speaker's Program & ShapeUp-ShowDown

Gina Van Luven is a Wellness Speaker, Author and Coach.  Having studied alternative medicine and “holistic” wellness since 2001, she is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing and has coached hundreds of people on how to remove the obstacles that are keeping them from living their life to the fullest.  She uses a holistic approach to wellness including diet, lifestyle and environment, and helps her clients identify the best wellness plan for their unique, individual self.

Gina has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management (honors - 2005), and received her health counseling certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University in 2008. She serves on the board of “EarthWell,” “National Association of Women Business Owners,” “Park City Women in Business” and “Toastmasters International” and is a member of “Biltmore Who’s Who,” “Healthy Happy Human Beings,” “Organic Consumers Association” and “World Vision.”  She is active in her community and truly enjoys helping people of all ages. Learn more

E-Mail: Gina [at] EarthWell [dot] org




Dr. Gary A. Zetterberg - Wellness Advisory & ShapeUp-ShowDown

Dr. Gary A. Zetterberg brings over 30 years of experience to our community as he has relocated recently from the east coast. His training as a Chiropractor, in the world's largest natural healing profession, has enabled him to pursue many avenues to help people restore their innate healing and wellbeing. "75% of chronic illness and disease is LIFESTYLE related" he shares. So much of his wellness practice deals with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and chemical stressors to the body. explains the innovative technique DrZ. has specialized in for more than 3 decades. (a small hand held instrument delivers specific controlled corrections to the spine and nervous system.) Many are relieved to learn that no "cracking or popping" is involved with his treatment. This makes it very effective even on newborns, elderly with arthritis and all those between.

Browse see all the info it has to offer. Sign up for his free informative newsletter, e-book and bookmark so to return often.Learn more

E-Mail: DrZ [at] EarthWell [dot] org




Elizabeth Jensen - Volunteer Coordinator

School teacher by day, activist by night, on weekends Elizabeth somehow makes time to help organize all the volunteer needs of EarthWell, and does an amazing job of it.


I was born and raised in the beautiful town of Park City, Utah. While growing up in Park City I was a volunteer for many school projects: Earth Kids, Wilderness Club, etc. I attended college at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in which I was a volunteer coordinator with the community service center. I ran two projects: Market Basket Project and Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (which included the start of the First Annual Los Angeles Hunger Clean-Up).

I returned to Park City in 2002 and have continued my love for community service with Leadership Park City (helping to organize National Walk to School Day), Soaring Wings Montessori School (as a teacher and helping with the Childrenʼs Fair), the Earthwell Festival (as Head Volunteer Coordinator), etc. I love working with groups of people who are passionate about all aspects of their community. I have a Reiki practice and I am currently pursuing Anusara Yoga teacher training.

E-Mail: Elizabeth [at] EarthWell [dot] org



Sean Morgan - Festival Architect

A principal at Green Thumb Design Studio, a respected landscape architecture firm, Sean enjoys throwing himself into the creative tempest that is the EarthWell Festival.

Green Thumb Design Studio provides Landscape Architecture services during all phases of development, from initial visioning through construction.   By providing creative, innovative, and sustainable landscape and planning solutions, we build value for each of our clients and their land holdings.  Sean Morgan is a registered landscape architect with over a decade of design experience working on projects at various scales all over the western US and South East Asia. 

E-Mail: Sean [at] EarthWell [dot] org


Sue Ann Kern

Sue Ann Kern - Social Media Maestro

Sue Ann Kern earned her Electrical Engineering degree during the time when computer generated graphics and desktop computing were in their infancy.  The term "website" had not yet been used and the word "internet" did not yet exist.  Believe it or not, it really wasn’t that long!  Her early career as a digital designer and programmer led her to technical sales support and gave her opportunities to work with dynamic companies such as Imed, SAIC, and unknown startups such as Qualcomm.  She kept her technical edge during the several years when she managed a tri-state, cosmetic dermatology practice.  Her technical background blended with her business management experience has led her to embrace Social Media, which is a perfect mix of business and technology.

Over the past several years, Sue Ann has built Face It! Social Media Marketing in order to help businesses and individuals understand and utilize this powerful marketing tool.  As a trainer, consultant and professional speaker, Sue Ann helps businesses and individuals to promote their products, services and themselves through Social Media.

E-Mail: SueAnn [at] EarthWell [dot] org


Rich Wyman

Rich Wyman - Music Producer & Sound Off Competition

More than an award-winning artist, accomplished songwriter, and amazing pianist, Rich Wyman is a first-rate showman with a faithful following around the world. An unstoppable creative force, Wyman is the recipient of ten ASCAP Awards and is also an acclaimed music producer and film composer. He has worked with top names in the music industry and is a passionate performer dedicated to creating original rock piano with soulful music and direct lyrics.

Studying classical piano and violin from age five Wyman graduated from The High School for Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and moved to New York City. He studied piano and composition at The Manhattan School of Music and New York University. He lived, performed, and recorded in New York for eight years. After skiing in Park City, Utah Wyman moved there and was discovered by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Van Halen. Van Halen brought the husky-voiced talent to his 5150 Studio in Los Angeles. Along with Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones engineer) they produced the foundation of Rich's second album, Fatherless Child. His work with Van Halen broke radio in Europe and Wyman was signed to a record company in The Netherlands. His next two albums, Where We Stand and Live... From The Heart, produced two TOP 40 hits, So What! and Little Things, and resulted in TV, radio appearances, and concert tours including Park Pop in The Hague for over 350,000 people.

On the medals plaza stage at the 2002 Winter Olympics Wyman opened concerts for Alanis Morisette and The Goo Goo Dolls to audiences of 22,000. In 2005 Rich released his 5th CD Factory working with original members of Herman Brood's Wild Romance in Holland and Hall and Oates' engineer Pater Moshay in New York. His live DVD/CD Embrace won the 2008 Silver Medal Award for "Excellence in a Performance Film" at Park City Film Music Festival held during The Sundance Film Festival. He also composed the soundtrack for the award-winning documentary Sister Wife, which premiered at The Sundance Film Festival in 2009. In 2010 Rich won his 9th ASCAP award for his new compositions and performances around the world. ASCAP also gave mention to his powerful song and video Guantanamo in ASCAP'S Playback Magazine. In 2009 Rich's CD Home - Solo Piano Improvisations was released and Rich continued writing and performing live in Europe and The U.S.A. In 2011 Rich won his 10th ASCAP Award and released his 8th album Songs I Wish I Wrote. It has been widely praised by critics and fans and landed in the top CD's of 2011 lists.

E-Mail: Rich [at] EarthWell [dot] org


Sales - Membership & Festival Sales

Like to work with small businesses? How about large corporate sponsors? Do you thrill to helping others find success while creating your own? Opportunities in membership and festival sales await you. Contact the Director.
E-Mail: Chris [at] earthwell [dot] org