Simple Spirit Today

Lisa Cook, Owner of Simple Spirit Today, is a proven leader in sales, entrepreneurship, and personal development coaching. Based in Park City, UT, Lisa is dedicated to the success of her clients by helping her clients achieve a clear understanding of where they are and where they want to be in their business. . and life. She has helped wellness professionals clarify their vision for their business, learn to show up as healer and salesperson,and how to create a dynamic language and synergy for the success of their business. Her coaching style is both supportive and challenging, commanding the kind of results and excellence everyone deserves to experience.

For more than a decade, Lisa has worked as a personal development coach, trainer, facilitator and entrepreneur assisting others in the wellness and small business industry get a dynamic stronghold on what in means to 'BE YOUR OWN BOSS'. Her success driven attitude and contagious, energetic spirit infect everyone around her with the attitude of “I can achieve my dreams.”  By implementing and using her techniques people from all walks of life have experienced a shift in attitude and results.

Simple Spirit Today is an international organization specializing in the coaching of “start-up” entrepreneurs to the seasoned small business owners ready to put the JOY back into entrepreneurship.  We offer private coaching for leaders and their teams as well as personal coaching to get you started. We focus on the keys to a successful business including sales, mindset, passion and money.  Your commitment to each of these determines the altitude of your success.

A professional investment in communication and business coaching makes an enormous difference in the results you and your team produce.  And ultimately the level of satisfaction you derive from being your own boss!!

 Lisa says:

“My approach doesn’t fit into a specific self-help development model, or closely adhere to Universal Law babble, or fall under the heading of leadership training.   While my tools, techniques and tips touch on all of these, the single most important piece is that my work is authentic. It comes from my heart directly to you, helping you unleash your most authentic self.  By creating  personal development plans, realigning  passions with purpose and offering a safe yet dynamic ‘change space’ where you can catapult to a whole new dimension of success, I have played witness to some amazing transformations. But let’s be clear, change does not need to be amazing to be effective.   Change is just that; change. And any change that gets you unstuck is good.  Are you ready for a change?

Speaking Topics:

Parenting from the Heart- There are some key tricks that make parenting just a little bit easier.  Join us for this funny, heartfelt look at parenting. Learn three easy things you can do TODAY to change the direction of your relationship with your children.
Stop working out , Start working in- Have you gotten tired of the treadmill? hopeless in hip- hop? yawning in yoga?  While we all know in our heart exercise is good for us, but it is really a waste of time if you aren't taking the time to understand what your body really needs.  Learn the tricks Lisa used to go from an exercise addict to a healthy well- rounded human BEING.. You  will never look at your workout the same way again.

The First THREE Keys to Optimal Health- Here's a clue they aren't what you think!!  In our chaotic and supercharged world, obtaining optimal health is often 'too hard' or takes too much time.  In this seminar you will learn what your body really needs to operate at its peak, what it means to have optimal health, and how to pinpoint the cues and clues your body uses to communicate with you what it really wants and needs. Join us for an enlightening, funny and new approach to living a healthy life.