At EarthWell we appreciate and welcome the media. If you are with the media and would like to connect with us please use the following Contact information.

If you need immediate assistance please call 877-500-6575.

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EarthWell Festival

For media packages and access to the EarthWell Festival please contact:

           Media [at] EarthWellFestival [dot] org or call 877.500.6575

            You may also visit


Classes, Retreats, Workshops & Speaker's Series

If you need media oriented information regarding any of the above please contact:     

Events [at] EarthWell [dot] org  or call 877.500.6575


EarthWell - General Inquiries

General questions about EarthWell should be directed to PR, contact:                                 

PR [at] earthwell [dot] org or call  877.500.6575