Life Dream Coaching

For more than 20 years, Stephanie Barton has been immersed in the field of human development, helping people realize their full potential by honoring their dreams and visions. She is the founder of Life Dream Coaching, a private international practice based in Park City, UT. Stephanie blends professional life coaching techniques with energy work to help clients unlock the mysteries preventing them from living their life at full capacity.

Stephanie’s passion for fulfillment derives from her own zest for life. Always a searcher, she has found meaning and light in all she does—from travel and exploring other cultures to the deep examination of spirituality and metaphysics. She shares her excitement for life with her clients to gently guide them to find their personal version of success, healing and joy.

Clients contact Stephanie when they tire of the self-made obstacles standing in their own paths, when they want their hearts to sing with passion, when they want to finally be accountable for their own dreams and goals, and when it’s time for core healing. She offers a safe, comfortable and sacred space for clients to move toward breakthroughs.


Stephanie Barton is fast becoming an authority on embracing fun and enjoying life.  She is a certified life coach and transformational guide, currently enjoying running her international private practice from Park City, UT.  Stephanie is a dynamic, inspirational speaker and is passionate about assisting people in stepping into their highest potential.  Most recently she created and produced the “I AM Energy Clearing” guided meditation CD.  She travels to California and Hawaii to share her message, focusing mainly in the Utah area.  In addition, Stephanie is the resident life coach for The Golden Door Spa, Waldorf Astoria – Park City Destination Program.   Other credentials include Ordained Melchizedech Priest, Dream Analyst, and Reiki Master.  


Stephanie Barton is the founder of Life Dream Coaching, an international coaching practice.  She is a powerful, inspirational speaker and is fast becoming an authority on bringing fun, joy and aliveness back into people’s experience.  Stephanie connects to the audience with compassion and heart-felt enthusiasm.  Her message is always about healing self, others, and the planet.  Topics Stephanie is passionate about include:

  • Self Love / Self Care
  • Fear vs. Love OR Stress vs. Joy
  • Chakra Awareness based on her current guided meditation CD, “I AM Energy Clearing”
  • Living a life of passion - gaining clarity, making a choice and consciously creating through intention
  • Our role connected human being in healing the planet
  • Living a life in fun & joy leads to MORE fun & joy!
  • Vibrational healing