JD Chambers / Sustainable Building Center

The Sustainable Building Center is a new concept - housing multiple businesses that serve many facets of our community's needs - including energy efficient home products, commercial construction management, marketing and advertising cooperatives, and advanced business consulting services.

In addition to housing our core businesses we seek to foster an environment of cooperation and partnership with many other local entities.  We're dedicated to both energy efficient construction processes and products, as well as efficient and sustainable business models.  

Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure - we believe this philosophy has a far reaching impact!

Our core businesses:

JD Chambers & Associates - JD Chambers & Associates is a construction management firm concentrating on the use of new cloud computing tools that enable more efficient construction and management processes.  Our partnership with Google allows us to deploy Google Applications for all types of businesses and institutions - allowing these entities to modernize their IT infrastructure at a fraction of current costs.  

Green Roof Utah - Green Roof Utah is dedicated to the advancement of green roof installations throughout Utah. Green Roofs provide a positive environmental and energy savings impact while creating additional usable outdoor space at relatively low cost.