George's Architectural Salvage

Reclamation for the environment & savings for your pocket book!

Why does George love to recycle? When we reuse building materials it reduces manufacturing pollution and waste while preserving natural resources. It also keeps tons of material out of our landfills. George's Architectural Salvage can help you with your house! Whether you're remodeling or demolishing, the crew at George's can salvage much of the materials that would normally go to the dump. If you need historic or classic building materials, George's warehouse has great finds stacked nearly to the ceiling. 

About the shop
George has been recycling building materials and reclaiming them since 1984, in downtown Salt Lake City. They moved to their existing location in 2002.  George has great people that work with him. You may encounter Chris or Melanie on your next visit.

Help us in our quest to reuse and recycle! Spread the word about reclaiming valuable resources and donate classic/historic materials or contact us to help at the shop. Just a little of your time and effort can help our environment. Do your share and recycle away!!

George’s Architectural Salvage saves used building materials from the land fills and finds new homes for them for house projects or alternative uses.  George’s motto is “moving the hearts of our community toward alternative uses is a great gesture of kindness and gratitude to our planet.