EarthWell General Store

On the drawing board is an online shopping area specifically for EarthWell Members to post their products in. If you have a product, such as a: book, CD, electric lawnmower, solar charger, crystal pendulum, etc and think it would be a good product for online sales please submit your idea for consideration. We will be working hard to launch this area by spring of 2012. Submit product here.


EarthWell Bookstore

Also scheduled for opening Spring of 2012 is our bookstore. We are compiling a list of recommended titles in both Green and Wellness categories as well as any other categories you might suggest. Please, if you have a favorite book or books, do let us know. Suggest book(s).


Special Offers

If you have a special you would like to offer to Subscribers or Members, feel free to tell us about it. We will post it on the website, newsletter, or anywhere we can put it. It can be a discount, a free sample, just about anything you would use in your regular advertising. Submit special offer.