Dancing Turtle Feng Shui & Professional Organizing

Feng Shui

Our living and working environments have a profound impact upon us.  I am invited into  homes and offices to help the energy move smoothly and in balance.  My clients often report that they sleep, work and live better. 

Clutter Clearing and Professional Organizing

Clutter can block a person’s life.  I gently work with clients to help them discover why they hold onto things, find where they want to spend their time and energy, and assist in organizing their home.  Setting up a home tailored to a client’s unique needs and life style brings me great satisfaction.


~Feng Shui and Professional Organizing for the home and office. 

~I have been assisting people for nine years as my full time profession

~Basic Training: The Feng Shui Training Center, Sharon Stasney
~Advanced Training: Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui; International teacher and author, Carol Bridges

~Denise Linn: workshop

~Nancy Santopietro: Workshop (from NewYork City)

~Featured in Salt Lake Tribune December 19, 2007

~Member of NAPO, National Organization of Professional Organizers

Serving Utah and surrounding areas

References available upon request


I love my profession of Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Organizer!  I am passionate about helping people bring their surroundings into balance for health, clarity and a joyous sustainable life.