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Business Tips

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July 9, 2013

Outsourcing is Smart Business:

Outsource part of your workload to save time and money. You can spend more of your time and money promoting your business. You'll save money on employee costs, space costs, training costs, etc. Keep the work you enjoy doing to keep you motivated and ship out the work you don't like.


April 25, 2013


Dispel distrust. Gain customer confidence and overcome potential feelings of distrust by offering written guarantees of satisfaction whenever possible, customer testimonials, references, and by joining respected and well-known professional organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, Chambers of Commerce, and industry associations.


March 21, 2013


This goes hand in hand with the Marketing tip this month. Take a look at you and your business from a client’s perspective. Are you using a generic email for your business? That says “temporary” and non-professional. Call your phone line, how does it sound? Scratchy, poor voice mail navigation and excessive hold times all lower a client’s perception of your business and can easily cost you business.


February 20, 2013


Sincere enthusiasm, in both print and in person, is contagious (and I'm not talking about using multiple exclamation points after sentences!!! That detracts from your credibility and perceived professionalism.)
If you deeply believe in your products, services, your company, and yourself, then your prospects will pick up on that passionate attitude and feel confident and optimistic about doing business with you. Your words are important, but your nonverbal communication -- your tone of voice, inflection, rate of speech, volume, facial expressions, your listening skills, eye contact, and overall responsiveness -- can have an even greater impact on how you influence and persuade your prospective customers, clients, or members.


JANUARY 22, 2013


There are upwards of 100 directories in my “black book of directories”. There are probably 50 of them that have enough traffic to warrant my attention. Of those the number I think a business should be in is….every one.
Why? Because this is how people search for a business, your business. The more you are in the more opportunity for you to be found. And, if someone pulls up a search page and you are there multiple times, it conveys a sense of confidence, you must be a solid business. And, if there are good reviews to go along with those listings, you gain credibility. What if there are negative posting? Great! These help tell you where you may need to improve as well as respond to them (nicely) so as to set the record straight and show others that you are a responsive business owner.  Directory Listings really are a win-win opportunity for you.


Make sure you don't become a workaholic.

The New Year typically brings resolutions, and for many small business owners this means extra pressure to succeed. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Your mind needs time away from your business life. This will help your brain think clearly while working. The best time to get profitable ideas is when you're not thinking about them. They just pop into your brain.


Beware of becoming too comfortable with your income or life, which is a sure way to stagnate.  You should always be creating new goals for yourself and developing new sales ideas. Life keeps changing and if you pause too long, you might miss out. Read journals, have lunch with other business people, make a goal to try a new business tactic each month. Remember, it is the journey, not the destination, which counts.