As a dance studio with experienced and highly trained, professional instructors, BallroomUtah Dance Studio offers many safe, effective and fun ways to dance as a form of exercise.  Research has shown that the wellness benefits of dance include improved cardio-vascular system and increased strength, flexibility and balance.  The social component of dance can reduce stress and improve mood, as well.  

Regarding sustainability, BallroomUtah Dance Studio proudly boasts energy conservation efforts such as:
  • Cooling the 3,000 square foot studio predominately with an evaporation cooler and free-standing fans
  • Use of cloth towels
  • Use of two-stage flush, low water usage toilet
  • Encouraging the use of reusable drinking containers over single use bottles
  • Recycling per Salt Lake County guidelines
  • Lowering use of electricity by often only using 35% of available lights, many which are florescent 

In addition, BallroomUtah Dance Studio has contributed to the overall well-being of the community by:
  • Hosting 2010 Sustain Utah Red Fundraiser
  • Conducting a student dance showcase to benefit a young boy who has a Leukemia diagnosis
  • Hosting weekly social events to develop community spirit
  • Teaching free dance lessons at a local elementary school as a part of their fitness/wellness program
  • Performs in community events to support other local businesses 

BallroomUtah Dance Studio - Private and Group Dance Classes.  All ages, single and couples.

Ballroom, Latin, County, Wedding, Swing and Salsa lessons. 

Host to Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art Studio.         801.916.4716