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By Sylvia Nibley

Feel like you've had a $500 session with a high-end coach (but it's free)

If you really want your business to grow this spring, go sit in the sun the first chance you get.
No really.

Here's why basking in the glorious spring sunshine should be at the top of your priority list to grow your bottom line...
The tulips have something important to teach you, so listen up.

We know spring is happening when plants push up through the ground, right? But are they really pushing? Does the seed have a goal to "get the ground out of the way" as soon as possible, or at least by next Tuesday?

Is it exerting effort to make spring happen, or is it just doing what it's made to do? Feeling the warmth of the sun awakening it's life force and bursting through the soil to move toward the light.

Now here's the part that could be worth more than a $500 session with a high-end business coach
(and it's free-for an unlimited time :-)  )

• First chance you get, go outside and plant yourself in a nice sunny spot where you can ignore the clock for a few minutes.

• Be honest. You know it's what you really want to be doing on these gorgeous spring days anyway. You are very wise that way.

• Ignore your busy brain when it tells you your business will self-destruct if you walk away from it for a few minutes.

• Just soak up some sun for a while until your breathing has slowed down and you can feel the flowers smiling because you've finally joined the party, then consider these 5 simple questions:

1. What WANTS to sprout in me?

2. What WANTS to sprout in my work?

3. Where am I resisting my growth?

4. Where am I pushing against obstacles and how can I move towards the light instead?

5. Is there something I've been pushing for that's not ready to sprout?
If so, how can I let go of that effort and trust a more organic timing?

While you're soaking up the warm rays and pondering these questions, energy is going to awaken in you just like it does in the seeds and trees and you'll be able to feel where the life force in you naturally wants to move. The plant world has access to a huge amount of energy for growth at this time of year and so do you. In fact, when you let the natural energy of life do what it does best--GROW--you just may be unstoppable!

Sylvia Nibley teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs to thrive in business using the power of nature.
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