Leadership Skills

Magnetic Leadership

By Annette Pieper

How well are you leading yourself, your team, your clients, your family or leading in your community?LeadershipHave you acquired the skills that it takes to truly succeed?

Leaders have magnetic qualities about them. People are drawn to leaders and their vision. You’ve heard the saying “Born Leader” right? I believe leadership is not born; it is a set of character skills that can be learned and developed by anyone who chooses to become a leader. I have outlined 7 leadership skills for you to cultivate to become a leader in your life and your business.

Magnetic Skill #1: A leader listens. A great leader is a great listener. They lead without judgment and are fully present for the person who is talking. They have a keen ability to hear and intuit between the words that are being spoken. There is a huge difference between listening and hearing. Listening requires that you pay attention physically (no physical multi-tasking), mentally (no mental multi-tasking), emotionally (keep your emotions out) and spiritually (seeing the person with non-judgment).

Magnetic Skill #2: Intuition. Intuition is a skill that can be learned, the problem is that many of us don’t trust our intuition. Instead we listen to the ego, chatty voice in our head. Intuition is that still, small voice that whispers; the feeling you get in your body or your gut instinct. Leaders trust that instinct and follow through on what their gut is telling them.

Magnetic Skill #3: Communication. Leaders are great communicators. Communication is more than talking. Communication involves speaking fluently, listening, building rapport, pacing and leading and body language. Communication means giving honest feedback and asking for honest feedback. Body language accounts for 70% of our communication. Is that a scary thought for you? Have you ever considered the message that you are putting out there with your body language?

Magnetic Skill #4: Courage. Great leaders are courageous. Courage is the ability to act in the face of fear and discomfort. It’s the ability to stand your ground in opposition. Dr. Susan Jeffers wrote a book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. That’s what you have to do. Embrace the fear and push past it. Most people resist the fear. Also, fear and excitement come from the same energy vibration. Choose to view uncomfortable situations as opportunities to grow, embrace, get excited and move through them.

Magnetic Skill #5: Inspire. Great leaders inspire others to be their best. Some leaders inspire others with their charisma and words, like Martin Luther King Jr. Others inspire by their actions such at Gandhi and Mother Theresa. Some leaders inspire with their music and others inspire quietly by being roles models in their homes, jobs and communities. We inspire others when we are living on purpose and with passion.

Magnetic Skill #6: See the Big Picture. Leaders are visionary and are able to see the big picture. They don’t stay stuck at the problem level. Leaders step back from the problem to see possible solutions. They gather information and look at all angles as part of leadership. When you can take a birds-eye view, you can see all the possibilities and roadblocks.

Magnetic Skill #7: Future Pacing. Leaders step out into the future with their goals; then lead their team to that future place. Leaders are always about 6 months out ahead of their team. Think about a goal that you want to achieve. View a timeline in from of you that leads to the goal and step into the future having achieved your goal. Looking back, what were the steps that you took to get there? What were the roadblocks you encountered? Now go back and implement the steps and lead yourself and your team forward?

I have given you many ideas, tips and tools to grow your leadership skills. You have it in you to do great things and be a role model to others. Become magnetic. Commit to the action steps that you need to take to become a magnificent leader.

Annette Pieper is an internationally known speaker and CEO and Founder of the success consulting firm, Vision 2 Reality Training. She has over 25 years of experience as a master coach, trainer and strategist including three years coaching and training for Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker. Annette is co-author of the international best-seller Step Into Your Vision.

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