ArborPellet, LLC

Founded Fall 2007 by Brian Getzelman – Urban Forester

I have seen the evolution of Biomass energy from my college days when we analyzed tree crops as a fuel source, to the high tech wood pellet appliances of today.  I saw our society wastefully burying tree products at the landfill to productively composting it or selling as mulch.  Now we have another option, wood pellet fuel.  Wood pellets are a clean, renewable energy that truly is made by nature and the sun.

After 24 years of urban forestry, I have built a wood pellet manufacturing plant, ArborPellet, which is able to take wood (cellulose Fuel) and turn it into something that’s an alternative to fossil fuels.  One ton of wood pellets are equivalent to 2.8 barrels of oil and it comes from local businesses, not a foreign country. 

Now you don’t have to pay a fee to dump your wood waste at the landfill because it’s not waste anymore.  Starting in September 2008, ArborPellet LLC will begin accepting wood to be converted into compressed wood pellet fuel.  I hope that you will learn more about wood pellets and consider purchasing a heating appliance for your home or business.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Trees are the answer!