About EarthWell

EarthWell is a project designed to promote and support businesses, people and non-profits that are actively involved in green/sustainability or health and wellness practices, products and services.

While this lofty goal could be invested in a very large number of entities and endeavors, we find our most effective and efficient direction to be that of support for small businesses and groups. These are often the front runners in the battle to change the way humans interact with their planet and each other.

Most often these entities are small in both numbers of people as well as budgets and may be a mom & pop store, an entrepreneur with a new idea, or perhaps a small group of friends endeavoring to launch a new business. One thing they all seem to have in common is a need for additional resources. It is one thing to launch a business with millions in venture capital and a hand-picked tram of experts to guide along the way. It is quite another to be a small business, maybe funded with credit cards, and have to figure out everything as you go, on top of running the business.

The team behind EarthWell has decades of business experience, running businesses just like yours. We know how hard it can be. We also know the risks and rewards and that feeling of satisfaction from being successful at something you have created. We want to help you achieve that feeling on a regular basis.

At EarthWell we work hard to find the products and services you need. We develop new programs monthly to help you market your product or service. We have the experts, and are gathering more, to provide you with the advice and support you need to be a success.

Beyond products and services, EarthWell is a firm believer in education. Our slogan is “Entertain, Engage, Educate, Evolve”. These ideals were embraced at the EarthWell Festival which ran from 2010 - 2012, a magical melding of green and wellness, as well as in the workshops, speaker series, retreats, and other events that EarthWell produces.

As a Subscriber, you can access all the wonderful EarthWell members via a business directory, as well as a growing email-supported newsletter featuring all the services in the directory along with special savings and event notifications. Subscribers  support the crucial small businesses that make up EarthWell, and in the process become part of our community.

For business members, a video library is in the works that will feature clips of practitioners, products and speakers, which will make promotion of a product or service so much easier. Also, business members receive a members-only newsletter covering business tips and advice, money saving specials, new benefits and advice from experts. Our member businesses benefit from a wide range of support services, discounts on products, services and events, as well as opportunities to market, sell, and network that just aren’t available to non-members. Perhaps best of all, members enjoy a new found sense of community, a strength in numbers, and are no longer in the arena alone.